Alaska Journey Day 100 / by Dave Hileman

Canada Sailing Day

Late night indeed. We arrived just after midnight and stayed by the check in station at the KOA so we did not wake people up. At 7 in the AM I moved to our site, leveled and we took off for the ferry terminal to go to Victoria BC. Can’t get enough of Canada it seems. We got off the ferry after a 90 minute ride and walked to our hotel where the room was ready at 10AM, so we off loaded some stuff and took a bus to the Craigdarroch Castle. Quite a place. After touring the castle we walked to the Government House and walked the grounds and through a British car show. One fellow was showing a Morris Minor 1000 convertible in white same as I once owned. Cool. Then we go onto another bus for an hour long lurching ride to the famous Butchart Gardens. They were impressive. Late in the afternoon we choose to return instead of staying even later to see the gardens lit at night - and because the restaurant was closed. We were glad because we still arrived pretty late and had to find dinner. It turned out to be fish and chips at the Red Fish Blue Fish, an old container on the dock turned kitchen. There was a long line and we arrived at the window after they “officially” closed. The food was extraordinary. Back to the hotel without even ice cream, you know we were tired. 

Cadillac’s Most Correct Viewpoint

Took a bit of time off the campaign today to drive a boat again. What fun. Then I gave speeches in someplace where the audience was enraptured. I will easily win this Victoria town. Campaigning is turning out to be one of my most outstanding abilities. Also I drove some older car and did really well, of course. I liked it because it did not have a roof so my massive antlers fit well.