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Two Lane Touring follows the quest of Dave & Cindy to visit and photograph each of the more than 400 sites administered by the National Park Service. On the home page each day a new photograph, often but not always from a National Park site. All NPS photos are now identified. There are also essays, travel notes, and other information posted here and then moved to other sections of Two Lane Touring.

Looking for a specific park, try the National Park Galleries. There all the sites are listed by state or territory. Those we have visited are in bold, those with photos already posted are underlined. Click on a site, say George Rogers Clark site in Vincennes, Indiana, and it will take you to a gallery of photos from that state. 

There are four other main sites: Camping We usually post a site each week but expanding to other aspects of camping as we do not have 52 new camp sites every year. Eats!: a selection of restaurants, bakeries, ice cream shops and other places that we find are unique, really good, fun, have neat stories or just because we liked the place. Most are local. There will be a new post in this section each week. Things That Actually Work: a hodgepodge of goods or services we use, like and over time have proved durable - things that exceed expectations.

The fourth site, Click:), changes with the destination. This year it was Journey: Alaska, our multiple month tour of the 49th state. That continued for the entire 124 days of the trip. When we are travleing the daily post will start four days after we leave so we have a reasonable expectation to post each day for there will be many days when we do not have any internet or cell service. The four-day delay allows us to stay close to our intended schedule.

Something new will pop up at Two Lane Touring every day. You can also follow us on Instagram. Instagram is more casual with food, campgrounds and anything else that gets a quick iPhone shot. I am on FB under my name, Dave Hileman. I post occasionally.


There are as of April 1, 2019, 419 active sites administrated by the National Park Service. 

We have visited 259 & photographed over 230 -photos posted in the National Park Galleries

2017: 40 first time visited parks with 12 re-visits and photographed for the first time. 

2018: 27 new parks for 2018 and 22 revisited parks, 11 for first time photos.

2019: After the trip to Alaska we added more than 30 parks to our total. My 2019 goal for new parks is 45. So far this year we have added 35 new parks so we ought to get pretty close to the 45 goal. I also found out by using an automated check list that has all the parks that we are actually at 259! So, hopefully by the end of 2019 we can be nearly to 270.

2020: As we begin planning for 2020, we are looking at the upper midwest for summer and as many as 15 new parks and 6 to revisit and photograph for the first time. A trip to the DC area will see three or four new sites. We are also looking at two other shorter trips that will have four or five parks. Finally, we “might” fly to Hawaii and see the seven parks there. So a stretch goal for 2020 would be to get to 300 parks.

Frequently* Asked Questions

            * or at least occasionally!

Are these the best photos ever taken of these parks?

    No, some are not even very good. The primary goal is to visit, learn and enjoy the parks. The photography is my experience, weather, time of day, allotted time in the park, access and ability. Hopefully the later is improving.

Then why take the pictures?

    I recall my time best when I see the photos. Not just the actual photo moment but what was going on at the time of the photo. Plus I really like the process and improving my skill level over time. And it is a wonderful record for us. And my appreciation of the craft of photography is growing.

Are you going to get to all 419 parks?

    Maybe, it really is the goal, it is simply not very likely. American Samoa, Guam, some of the western Alaska parks will require much more effort, planning and money than I may ever have available. Others are just tricky. One in California requires a two-week notice for a ticket and then often cancels. We missed another because the road washed out in Arizona and two in DC are closed right now for repairs and maintenance. However all 419 is the goal. PR, VI and Hawaii are doable but costly, so they will come, I expect, when the trailer is sold. 

Why do all this with an RV? Isn’t that expensive? Isn’t that restrictive?

    When traveling for one or two weeks if you are going great distances the RV is often more expensive - still has nice benefits. However, going for two or three months, there is no contest. Besides the initial cost, some of which you will recover, campgrounds scale from free, like a Walmart or BLM site to National or State Park sites that are very reasonable to commercial sites that range from 35 to 100. Also the ability to be in the National Park for late evening and early morning photos is valuable. Plus you can eat your own food and sleep in your own bed. Priceless. 

 What is your favorite park?

    We both would answer Acadia, because of how familiar we are, that we can do all the hikes, stunning scenery and the wonderful memories. Yellowstone, Denali, Kenai & Yosemite are a very close second. Could not pick just one.

I thought there were only 59 National Parks, right?

    Until recently, yes, however in 2018 Gateway Arch in St. Louis became the 60th National Park in the system and as of February 2019, Indiana Dunes the 61st. The National Park Service has responsibility for 419 or so ranging from thousands of square miles National Parks to homes in a city, battlefields, seashores and much more.

Do you have more information on _____ park?

    We have lots of information like where we stayed, restaurants, hikes we enjoyed, ranger tours - lots of information. If you see any park in bold on the gallery list that you are traveling to and want our take on that park, just ask.

Where can we get great ice cream?

    Jeni’s Splendid in Columbus, OH and other locations, Cows in PEI, Leonardo’s in Savannah, Cones in NYC, Island Creamery in Chincoteague, Lapp’s in Lancaster County, PA, Ted Drewes in St. Louis, MDI and Jordon Pond in Bar Harbor, Fresh and Two Roosters in Raleigh, Glenn’s Custard in Springdale, PA, Kilwins in several locations, Ghirardelli in Orlando and San Francisco, Molly Moon in Seattle, Graeter's in Cincinnati, Toscanini’s in Cambridge, MA, The Bent Spoon in Princeton, NJ, Kimball Farm near Boston, Creamery at Michigan State University, Craft Creamery in Danville, CA, Sweet Scoops in Sonoma, CA, Bresslers in Philadelphia, Ample Hills in NYC, The Parlor in Durham, NC, Paradice in Pawley’s Island, SC, Park Circle Creamery in North Charleston, Wild Scoops in Anchorage AK, Salt and Straw in Seattle, Shirley’s Northern Lights in Talkeetna, AK, Chocolat Favoris in Victoria, BC, and Ice Cream Jubilee in NW Washington DC . 

We need lots more field work here! Have an suggestion we should try?



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