Alaska Journey Day 99 / by Dave Hileman

Island Breeze Day

It felt nearly tropical as we left the ferry in Friday Harbor on the island of San Juan. Brilliant sun glistened on the water, warm breezes stirred the grasses and we headed for the American Camp for the San Juan National Historic Park (#240). The drive was short and across old fields and farms. The park is on a narrow peninsula with a 300 foot hill overlooking the strait. Not much left of the camp except three buildings. But the land around is really stunning. The waters are a marine sanctuary and there are seals and the south end where a small light house stands. We then drove to the British Camp on the north end. Much nicer place with about 6 buildings still intact. Lunch in the truck as we waited in line for the ferry back. We picked up our trailer at the church, Anacortes Christian Church - super hosts! And set out for the next ferry to Port Townsend at 10:40. We are going to have a late night. 

Cadillac’s Most Correct Viewpoint

Still on the campaign trial today in Washington. One more day should finish the islands then on to somewhere else. How exhausting it is.