Alaska Journey Day 88 / by Dave Hileman

A Fair Day

The Alaska State Fair is held in Palmer just a bit north of Anchorage. Cindy and Tom enjoyed it and I found it more interesting that I expected not being a fan of carnivals or fairs. We saw some huge vegetables, flowers, quilts, animals, crafts, food and photography exhibits. Some nice work. I talked a while with a woodturner and he gave me a beautiful pen he had made. I was so pleased - really neat of him - and it will find a home on my desk for certain. We ate fabulous gingersnap cookies. A lumberjack show was amusing and some interesting craft places to poke through. Some things met my low expectations - the seafood showdown was was behind schedule and the pie contest was a major disappointment. We arrived early to see the grand array they had only two entries. Two! Not worth an hour of waiting. We all ate some interesting things including Fry Bread, and did I mention my free gorgeous pen?

Cadillac’s Most Correct Viewpoint

I made the mandatory campaign swing at the Alaska State Fair. I think I was the hit of the event as people were walking around with paper Moose antlers. What a show of support. I am ensconced again in the secure facility - more cool saluting. I have not heard back yet from Ms. M. only a day so not expecting to hear but she could have come to the fair if I knew. Missed opportunity. I did write her another note … or three! Tomorrow, back to the list making for sure.