Alaska Journey Day 87 / by Dave Hileman

Unique AK People Day

A day with no plans except a camping move turned out to be very interesting. The family who rented the RV to Tom invited us to stay on their private property beside the Talkeetna River. Very pretty space. Breakfast at the 1922 Talkeetna Roadhouse was not your ordinary breakfast. I ate a massive berry pancake that was as good as it was large. Cool place with community tables. The man who sat by me had just flown in, and he offered his private airstrip for our RV parking in Fairbanks. Think we will do so. We explored Jonny’s small plane and watched him take off from the original 1920’s airstrip that ends a few yards from the Roadhouse. CJH and I went to the museum while Tom had coffee in a 1968 bus while making new friends. After walking more of the town, we had dinner at the Flying Squirrel. Nice bakery and cafe with pizza nights. There was a free Friday night concert in the park. We met Patricia who lives 11 miles past the end of the road and commutes on her “wheeler.” She was delivering a galvanized bath tub to Barbara who lives in an old bus she is converting to an RV so she can go to North Dakota to work on the sugar beet harvest. 

Cadillac’s Most Correct Viewpoint

Don’t know why we had to come here instead of more time at Denali. I wrote two notes to Ms. McKinley and plunged into work to distract myself. I should have the staff list up in a day or two. Meanwhile, the farce goes on as the Chief of Ceremony continues to try the impossible and teach a caribou. Credit to him for persistence, demerits for stubbornness and time management. Really miss Ms. McK. Oh, well, back to the drudgery of list making. First on the agenda, Chief of Latte Acquisition, I just don’t have time to traipse all over town looking for birch or maple lattes.

Getting worse not better.

Getting worse not better.