Alaska Journey Day 74 / by Dave Hileman

The Nice Easy Day, oops. 

In the morning with the aftereffects of a tough headache, I chose to slow down today. We went to a church building that was now a coffee shop (newer church down the street) and worked a bit, we shopped around the little stores and had lunch at the old pre-earthquake train station. I even bought something at the Russian store. Neat. Then we decided to take a hike on the “level” trail along the beach to an inlet where the salmon were running but no fishing. Three different people told us a nice easy hike. Chose your own conspiracy theory but the level hike was not and the distance was twice what was stated. It was beautiful. Worth it. Yet not an “easy” day. Except for the superior halibut we had at dinner. That was more than easy to enjoy. 

Cadillac’s Most Correct Viewpoint

Clearly I have work to do with only BdB and this one un-proven minion. The one upside is that he has not looked at ice - yet. However, not to worry once the plan is public volunteers will flock to the cause. I do need more staff. Perhaps I should advertise here, clearly scores of HP’s read my prose and delight at my choice of clever riposte. Well, no fear, I will figure it out. Plus I need to set the announcement date. Definitely this month. Soon.