Alaska Journey Day 73 / by Dave Hileman

Fjords Day

Made up for the two photographs yesterday with 700 today. The trip out to the glaciers in Kenai Fjords National Park begins in the Seward Harbor boarding one of the tour boats. Ours was very comfortable - table # one, window, second floor. The boat offered food and drinks at reasonable prices and free coffee and tea anytime. Before we were out of the harbor, we spotted a regal bald eagle on a piling. Next were sea otters, then at the head of the bay, a humpback whale. Nice views close to the boat and the shore. Across the open edge of the ocean, many horned and tufted (new bird for me) puffins were swimming and flying. Then a large pod of orcas appeared all around the boat. What a treat! We then saw stellar sea lions and Holgate and Aialik tidewater glaciers. We watched harbor seals on floating bits of ice that calved from Aialik Glacier. Drinks were served on the boat made with chipped glacier ice.

Cadillac’s Most Correct Viewpoint

What a busy day, first I got to drive a larger boat and, even though it was to see ice, it was still great. So conflicted about what kind of pilot I want to be, train, plane or boat. They all get neat hats. Saw a lot of un-antlered animals. Eh. In between my responsibilities, I did an initial interview of the minion. He is not as useless as he appeared. He is also a pilot - though I did not see him with a neat hat - so that is interesting, and he offered to handle the radio for me which is good because the HP on the other ends are not very good at understanding the King’s English when I give them such clear commands. Also, he brought me a momento of home, an Acadia NP Moose wall hanging made out of precious metal that magically hangs on things. Must have been very expensive. I was able to mold BdB against all odds, so I think I can use this one - still one minion is not what I expected. May delay that thank you to Mr. Mook.

New bird number 24 for the trip, a Tufted Puffin serenely sailing in Resurrection Bay.

New bird number 24 for the trip, a Tufted Puffin serenely sailing in Resurrection Bay.