Alaska Journey Day 13 / by Dave Hileman

The Entering New Territory Day

We left the Reindel’s barn about 8 - really enjoyed catching up (and Chris reattached our AC cover properly -thanks!) Lots of miles on this trip have been true to our name on two lane roads and today was completely on pretty country roads, miles of them. We stopped first in the North Unit of Roosevelt NP, a first time visit to this part but not a new park. Had a 2.4 mile hike to a spectacular view overlooking multiple bends of the Missouri River and and bright green Cottonwood trees all from high up on the edge of a canyon. Then after a stop for gas and groceries - stocked up, we went to Fort Union NHS. This was John Astors most profitable post where thousands of fur pelts were traded for lots of good from all around the world. Several different tribes would make this journey once a year and from 1828 until after the Civil War when the trade ceased to be profitable. Then, two hours into Montana we stopped for the night in a small RV park in Glasgow.

Cadillac’s Most Correct Viewpoint

Do I need to tell you it worked. We are again on our way. I don’t think they suspect a thing. Oh, I hope the North Pole is near Alaska, well, of course it is. And, drum roll, we entered Montana. Montana is near Alaska because my ex-girl friend, Fairlane, lives here. Or at least she did. We wrote to each other last year and she was a great help in focusing on Moose Rights. She was just perfect. We were so right for each other I still don’t know why she decided to get married last fall to, well, whoever. I know she must feel awful about that but I don’t know where she is and I must push on. Well, perhaps because the Guides knew that I would be a tiny bit sad they said they had a surprise for me tomorrow. It will be stupendous I am sure.