Alaska Journey Day 12 / by Dave Hileman

The Walking Meriwether and William Day

Sunday so we went to town with the Reindel’s to their church. Interesting place, verse by verse teaching is the primary focus of worship. After we stopped at McDonalds for a breakfast sandwich to surprise Tori who was at work. Cindy and I then went to the Knife River Indian Villages NHS. This is where Lewis and Clark met Sakakawea (not how I learned to spell it or say her name) as they pushed westward along the Missouri River. The park was nicely done, good reconstruction of a circular earthen mound lodge, spacious and rather clever how it was used. The tribe had about 5000 people - more than St. Louis at the time. Enjoyed a walk of about 2 miles and on the way we left the trail and walked along the bank of the Missouri River looking at basically the same scenery as Lewis/Clark. Neat atmosphere. The walk back across the knee deep grass for a long way was a bit too much atmosphere. 

Cadillac’s Most Correct Viewpoint

OK, so the Guides went somewhere to do something, I don’t really listen unless the little white pill they haul around is connected because I know we are not going to make any progress. So while they were gone I made up a flyer for the Best Ice Cream in the US at Moost Be Good and picked a place that Tori told me was way north. Never heard of the North Pole but it does sound like the right direction. I made the flyer look excellent (one of my most outstanding abilities) and I know they can’t resist especially since I also added free coffee. I think tomorrow we will be back on track and by nightfall I shall be sleeping in Alaska. I am not sure it is legal to be this clever.

Along the Knife River and Missouri River confluence - beautiful grasslands

Along the Knife River and Missouri River confluence - beautiful grasslands