Travel Diary Six / by Dave Hileman

Day Six

The rain from Florence has arrived. It began last night and is still raining this morning so we are glad we did the grounds at Vanderbilt Mansion yesterday. We began the morning at a neat old fashioned bakery called El Deliziosa (invented the chocolate chip cannoli) It is located in a tiny spot almost under the old railroad bridge across the Hudson. Anyway, the more they kept bringing out freshly made goodies from the back room bakery the more we lost focus. Settled on some mini pastry, cookies, biscotti and CJH’s cannoli. Then off to a tour at the Vanderbilt Mansion in heavy rain. I simply do not understand how people lived in those dark places when they could live anywhere. With his money really anywhere. Then off to the CIA, the Culinary Institute of America, for another amazing lunch, this time at the Tavern. We finished our short day with a tour of the school led by a student and she was informative and enthused.  

Cadillac’s Correct Viewpoint!

So, I asked how far we would get today and found out we were going no where again. And seeing more moldy old houses. So I decided to stay here, get a nap and work on notes to my family that are missing me, I’m sure. Then I find out they ate at the CIA and a pastry shop. THAT was not part of the briefing this morning. So, I am going to bed and hope for a better outcome tomorrow.