Travel Diary Five / by Dave Hileman

We were able to leave the trailer at the campground and head north toward the tiny village of Kinderhook to Lindenwald, home of Martin Van Buren, our 8th president. You might know that if you recall your memorization of the presidents. Of course the list was a lot shorter when I learned them. The Federal style house had an added tower with inside stairs used by servants and Pres. Van Buren’s grandchildren who spent summers at the farm. The grounds are still actively farmed. The 200 plus acre farm was on the Albany to NYC Old Post Road - a very small unpaved portion is still extant in front of the house. Influential political guests often stopped by. The ranger, Ed, gave us an excellent tour. It was only Cindy and me, so a private tour. He made an obscure president from an era we know little about relevant and interesting. Yay, Ed. We also toured the grounds of the Vanderbilt mansion in Hyde Park (inside tomorrow as it is scheduled to rain) and Mrs. Roosevelt’s home, Val-Kill. Another excellent tour. Dinner at the Eveready Diner and then home. 

Cindy and I split an excellent piece of strawberry-rhubarb pie from Love Apple Orchard near Kinderhook.

Cadillac’s Correct Viewpoint!

The day started with such promise, we headed North. Then as I could sense the Vermont Hills in the distance, we stopped. Not for a good reason, to visit a “president’s” home. Right like there was ever a president named Van Buren. And I could not even go in as the magnificent antlers I sport were deemed too large. A bright spot is that we stopped and had a doughnut and ice cream for lunch. Of course, we had to share. Then we were off again to yet more houses. I’ll not bore you. The worst part is that we ended up where we started. How did that happen? Will I ever get to see my cousins?

The Italian garden at the Vanderbilt Mansion.

The Italian garden at the Vanderbilt Mansion.