160 Years Old / by Dave Hileman

This is the monument to the battle of Cowpens erected by the Washington Light Infantry in 1856 one of the earliest on any southern battlefield. It seems less impressive today but it was very meaningful to those who built it in 1856 and is typical of Revolutionary War monuments of the era.. It once had a golden eagle on the top but that was stolen by vandals. Encased in the base, made with sand from Fort Moultrie, were several relics, an account of the battle and roster of the Washington Light Infantry. 

The small adjacent stone was laid years later. It reads: This Monument was erected by
The Washington Light Infantry
Of Charleston S.C.
L.M. Hatch. Capt
April. 1856
Cowpens Chapter D.A.R.

More on the critical battle that paved the way to Yorktown next week.