How to Buy an Oliver, the Finale / by Dave Hileman

Off to Tennessee in Jim’s Sunday, rather, our truck to pick up the Oliver and do a break-in week. For us, not the trailer. We stayed in Murfreesboro and toured Stones River National Battlefield before we headed to Hohenwald. On the way, Cindy called Anita to confirm our arrival time and was asked, “What do you want for lunch?” We were a bit confused until she explained that she fixes lunch for folks picking up the Oliver. Not your average experience. 

We met Scott, one of the owners - he wanted to know how we heard about their company. Anita talked with us each time we called for information and sold us the Oliver. Karen, another sales person, took time from her desk to make copies of a magazine article for me. After lunch and the completion of the paper work which involved the final transfer of unmarked hundred dollar bills in a large briefcase, we had a two hour bumper-to-bumper tour of our new trailer. Tommy did not miss a thing. Then he escorted us to a local campground – well after 5:00 quitting time – and showed us how to hook up the electric and water, start the fridge and put out the awning.

After a successful night - meaning we were not eaten by bears, it was back to Tommy at the factory for answers to a couple of additional questions. Then, and this is where the Oliver Company separates itself from the rest of the pack, Tommy didn’t think our hitch was quite right - not Oliver’s responsibility - yet he worked with us for two hours to improve it.

We then motored off to spend a few days touring Tennessee with some expert camping friends. At the end of the tour, we returned to the factory for a couple of adjustments, this time with Dustin who completed additional work on the hitch to improve towing and shared great info with us about his own towing experiences.

The Oliver works well, tows easily and is very comfortable. But, most important, it is supported by a great group of people who produce quality and service as well as travel trailers. As consumers, we have learned that the usual answer to any question is: “What? Are you kidding?” The people at Oliver say: “We would love to help you solve that.”

Waiting for our instructional tour.

Waiting for our instructional tour.