Lousiana - New Orleans - Palace Cafe / by Dave Hileman

This is one of the Brennen family properties and they are known for their service and their food. And this one was solid, but not quite the Commander's Palace. Of course, it was not the cost of the CP either. Still very nice property, good food and far better than average service. We were late for lunch and we had beignets and coffee an hour earlier. Not the brightest decision. Must not have been mine:) Anyway we had a delightful meal. Cindy had the most adventurous dish. (CRABMEAT CHEESECAKE*
A Palace Café signature dish! pecan crust, mushroom sauté, creole meunière) It looked like a pie slice but it was cheese and with three small crab legs on the top. She loved it. I was not feeling adventurous so I had a hamburger. It was a good hamburger but, still, I know. Excellent place to take a peaceful break from the roar of the streets in New Orleans. Recommended. www.palacecafe.com