Florida - Disney's Animal Kingdom Resort - Sanaa / by Dave Hileman

Sanaa is actually in the time share or if you prefer, Disney Vacation Club area of the Animal Kingdom Resort. We love the restaurant there, Boma, but this one is very cool and well done. First it is not usually crowded, which is nice and there is a bus from Animal Kingdom to the door of the resort that runs frequently. So if you are at the park it is easy to get to and does not take too long. The main feature is the four kinds of Naan bread and the nine sauces that come to dip into the breads. They are just excellent and fun. The range from sweet to spicy hot and there is a lot of variety. I like the Tamarind Chutney, Coriander Chuntey, Garlic Pickle, and Spicy JalapeƱo-Lime Pickle. The first two times I was here I had the Tandoori Chicken which I loved and wish I had this time as well. Instead I had the coffee BBQ. It was OK, but not nearly as good to me as the other dish. One final cool thing, try and get a window table as the African Secretary birds like to preen and watch you eat right on the other side. Love Sanaa.