Maine - Acadia NP - Blackwoods / by Dave Hileman

This is a very rare shot, we have a campfire. I think this is our second but it might be the third in nearly three years. It has rained or been very overcast for 5 of the seven days on the island and a fire seemed nice to dry things out. I think it was more theoretical than reality. Blackwoods is a NP campground on the eastern side of the island not far from Otters Point. Is has no services but there are restrooms and water is available in a few locations. But the location more than makes up for any issues. We dry camped for the entire time without moving the camper to empty or fill tanks. We were quite surprised. We were on site A-23 and we chose it because of the proximity to the ocean, about 250 yards. We recommend this campground and find it adds to the enjoyment of Acadia being in the midst of the quiet and the beauty. We paid $90 for six nights but that is Old People Rate