New York - Watkins Glen - Watkins Glen State Park / by Dave Hileman

We arrived here on a busy weekend but not a race weekend. A Friday night only stay on a 3-day weekend is not always easy but there were spaces at the park - only with no electricity. That was not an issue for us so we slotted into site 23 on the second loop. The cost was under $30 for out of state residents. Our site was difficult to get into, at least for me, but fine once I got parked. It was level but a bit muddy. The other advantage is that you are in the park and can walk - long walk - to the Glen and that is a fantastic place and well worth spending some time there. There are a lot of steps and it was raining slightly but even so, you may get a bit wet as you walk under two or three waterfalls out of the 19 in total.