Alaska Journey Day 97 / by Dave Hileman

Back in the Lower 48 Day

We left early from the parking lot to miss the long lines at the border crossing, and we did! We were the only people there and across in 3 minutes. North Washington is fertile farm land and fruit stands. The stands were closed as early as we passed through. We went to a campground near Anacortes. Huge trees near our site. We left to explore where we could get a repair done (tomorrow) and found a nice state park, Deception Pass. We took a hike or two and spent an early night in the campsite where I grilled another slab of salmon. Nice dinner. 

Cadillac’s Most Correct Viewpoint

I know the some of you expected to be drafted in the first round of staff picks but do not despair as we welcome highly paid volunteers to the herd. We are waiving all fees usually charged to staff volunteers for the initial sign-up period. We need coordinators in all of the states, even those I have not found yet. Also, many other skills like antler polishing, President of Vice and Chief of Cooking. So declare your skill in the comment section and join quick as these positions will fill up quick once word gets out. More good news is that Ms. McKinley will be joining the campaign for Mini Soda and for Maine. (She wants to see where I was from, sigh, she is so wonderful.)

Deception Bay Bridges - note the other one on the left of the photo

Deception Bay Bridges - note the other one on the left of the photo