Alaska Journey Day 94 / by Dave Hileman

Northern Lights Night Day, Take Two!

The clouds rolled in and, possibly, the Northern Lightsd just did not show. At any rate we did not see them at all. We have a second try tonight. 

Down the Cassiar Highway we rolled with just two brief stops until we arrived at Meziadin Lake. We parked the trailer in a pretty spot and then set out for Stewart, BC and Hyder, AK. That’s right, back to Alaska! The drive was glorious with many glaciers on the mountains. It started with a mom and two black bear cubs crossing the road as - ready for this, Bear Glacier came into view. We ended 15 miles up a terrible potholed, washboard, steep and narrow dusty road to see another glacier. We should have skipped that one. Hyder, AK seemed like the whole town was for sale - bargain prices I am sure. Stewart BC was a bit better and more things looked as if they would last until Tuesday. There is a Canadian border crossing to get back from Hyder, none on the US side to enter. There is also a boardwalk bear viewing place run by the USFS. We did see a black bear eating a salmon. There were hundreds of salmon in the small stream. 

Cadillac’s Most Correct Viewpoint

Mr. Cadillac is in seclusion working on his campaign. He may not be disturbed except for Ms. McKinley or maple or birch latte deliveries. He has added ice cream, Fritos, lemonade and water cress (fresh only) to the acceptable interruption list. 

Look me in the eye!

Look me in the eye!