Alaska Journey Day 93 / by Dave Hileman

Northern Lights Night Day, Maybe!

We reached the point on the Alcan Highway where it insects with the Cassiar Highway and turned south. The first 20 miles were narrow and OK, then for the next 50 it was wonderful, smooth and scenic - best highway we were on for weeks. At Boya Lake we stopped to take a walk, nice colors and then on to Dease Lake. We are set for a great view across the massive lake for the Northern Lakes - which have a high possibility for tonight. The sky has soft clouds and just a little overcast, so conditions are great. Now we wait.

Cadillac’s Most Correct Viewpoint

Mr. Cadillac is in seclusion working on his campaign. He may not be disturbed except for Ms. McKinley or maple latte deliveries. He has added birch lattes to the acceptable interruption list. 

Peek through the trees on a short hike

Peek through the trees on a short hike