Alaska Journey Day 92 / by Dave Hileman

Leaving Alaska Day

Our camp site was about 50 miles from the Canadian border so our journey in Alaska ended early morning. We are thrilled with what we saw, the people we met, and the experiences we shared. Our trip in the Yukon was uneventful, a great line for a long trip. Gas is way up again. Paying 2.80 a gallon for fuel quickly became 5.25 across the border. We stopped at the same campground in Whitehorse to refuel, charge, empty, and shop so we can leave most cell service and other services for 1000 miles stopping at every fuel opportunity, even as it climbs to $7 a gallon. Again beautiful views across the land today - the best at Sheep Mountain where we saw about 80 Dall Sheep at a distance on the mountain. 

Cadillac’s Most Correct Viewpoint

Mr. Cadillac is in seclusion working on his campaign. He may not be disturbed except for Ms. Mckinley or maple latte deliveries.  

Just some of the colors we are enjoying

Just some of the colors we are enjoying