Alaska Journey Day 102 / by Dave Hileman

Another Friends Day

We left the campsite and went to a short hike in Olympic National Park. It was raining and very foggy so there were no vistas to see making the choice to do a waterfall hike instead of the planned Hurricane Ridge. We walked about a mile on an easy wide path to the Marymere Falls. Very pretty place with massive trees and ferns in the undergrowth. Rain forests are special places. Then a long drive to an area south of Seattle to spend the night with George and Dottie. They are leading a church plant organization like Waypoint and starting some excellent churches. Enjoyed their company and the night in their very comfortable home. 

Cadillac’s Most Correct Viewpoint

Well, clearly I now have my staff in Washington state. Dottie adores me and with my great speeches this state is going to be in the Bull Moose Column. So, already I have Victoria, Alaska, the Provincial and Washington and I am hardly started. I do miss Ms. McKinley but she writes each day and encourages me to “stay focused.” Not really needed as laser focus is one of my most outstanding qualities. I think lattes grow on every corner in this area. Wonder why? No birch however. 

Marymere falls is a 90 foot graceful display.

Marymere falls is a 90 foot graceful display.