Alaska Journey Day 69 / by Dave Hileman

No Whale Day

Whew, we moved the trailer 21 miles! We are in Bird Point Campground on the Turnagain Arm. Took a long walk and watched a lot of fishermen catching salmon. Or at least striving to catch salmon. We grilled fresh shrimp tonight and finished chores to get ready for the Kenai again. Went to see whales at Beluga Point but none appeared. Might go out tonight to see if the Northern Lights are visible. 

Cadillac’s Most Correct Viewpoint

I am right, right, right. Oooh, so exciting. I need to strategize, formulate, frame, and concoct plans - plus new itinerary and  schedule. I need MINIONS and, well, it will be epic. Sorry, got to go, places to be, people to see and Moose Rights to ensure.