Alaska Journey Day 66 / by Dave Hileman

Move & Prep Day

They day began with a nice walk on the Blue Ice Trail that follows streams along the Placer River. Mountains tower over the other side of the water and tall pines and cottonwoods dominate the shorter aspen and willows. Two fish swam upstream as we were crossing a bridge, precursors of the coming spawn in this area. On then to Anchorage with a second stop at Potter’s Marsh, not as successful as stop number one.   

Cadillac’s Most Correct Viewpoint

Finally we are headed to the city. I’m a bit anxious and excited about my solidifying plan for the advancement of Moose Rights. I think I’ve finally got the right approach and the next couple of days should confirm that. Also, I plan to wander out to the plane parking lot to visit some Moose in the area. Maybe they also fly, or perhaps some of the ladies will be impressed with my flying skills, one of my most outstanding abilities. 

Long billed Dowitcher

Long billed Dowitcher