Alaska Journey Day 65 / by Dave Hileman

Slip Sliding Away, Day

“The near’ your destination, the more you slip…” At least that is how it felt at the end of the trail to the Bryon Glacier. This was an easy walk along a stream that ended at the foot of the glacier. The area was still deep in snow and that added an extra dimension to the walk once we left the trail footing was not always secure. But fun. We enjoyed this portion of the Chugach National Forest and spent two nights in the campground there. 

Cadillac’s Most Correct Viewpoint

We were at a neat coffee shop in the AM and I was able to make plans for my research in Anchorage. My assistant, BdB, is already in place and doing the preliminary work. He does not have the shirts - disappointing, but he said he can explain. Doubtful. The guides frittered away the afternoon on some more ice. (What is it about this ice thing?) I however was engage in serious reflection and contemplation and rumination about my emerging plan for Moose Rights. Could not even worry about another date today.