Alaska Journey Day 90 / by Dave Hileman

A True North Day

Off we head to Fairbanks. We chose the Glen Highway, not because it was an efficient way to Fairbanks but it was out of the fire district and we did not see much in the rain and smoke on the first pass through the Glen. It was stunning. After Glenallen and gas, we headed up the Richardson Highway, bouncing across the frost heaves, toward the Denali Highway a partially paved / mostly gravel transverse of the area ending in Cantwell near the Denali NP. We only went about 22 miles on that road to a nice, remote campsite along the Tangle River. 

Cadillac’s Most Correct Viewpoint

Auuuuggggh! We did not go back to Denali. We did not go back to see Ms. McKinley. Some nonsense about fire. What about the blaze in my heart! Auuuuggggh!