Alaska Journey Day 71 / by Dave Hileman

Exit Day

We arrived in Seward near noon - just in time to nab an RV spot on the waterfront: a real find. So we are set up with a stunning view of Resurrection Bay and the mountains across the bay. We have Marathon Mountain on the other side of our park. Clear blue skies, crisp mountain tops with dabs of snow and ice, sparkling water with boats moving up and down the bay and a pleasant breeze keeping everything comfortable in the high 70’s. WOW. Exit Glacier is accessible from land; we walked the trail there at Kenai Fjords National Park, number 238. Each glacier is different so always interesting. A walk to downtown along the water and another after dinner to the boat docks with an ice cream shop brought total walking today to about 5.5 miles. 

Cadillac’s Most Correct Viewpoint

So the minions are not coming by train but by plane, and we have to go back to Anchorage to get them. I don’t know how they will all fit in the driver’s little truck. (Who, if you are keeping score, walked to see ice AGAIN, maybe it is an unhealthy obsession and not a ritual?) Well, however the minions get here, the critical thing is that they are here and needed. I will have to write Mr. Mook a thank you note. Courtesy is one of my most outstanding qualities. Well, a bit of time tonight to finish the plans. I also need to stop and refill the cereal bins, we are down to an unreasonable and unsafe 34 day supply. 

Bonus points if you can find the people in the photo!

Bonus points if you can find the people in the photo!