Alaska Journey Day 38 / by Dave Hileman

The Down the Pipe Day

Leaving Kenny Lake we traveled south toward Valdez. I don’t need to mention the frost heaves and the 16 miles of construction, right? Once again leaving the interior plateau we drop down to the coast amid stunning lakes and towering mountains. One difference on this leg was the wild river along the east side of the road and the pipeline viewed occasionally that runs on the west side of the road. We could not find a campsite open by calling ahead in the morning but we stopped at the KOA leading into town and she just had a cancellation so we got a nice spot. Today is an easy day, short drive, slow pace. One half mile walk around town and out to a high point over the harbor. Didn’t see much there. We bought fresh seafood at the dock and groceries at a Safeway. Expensive! We did secure tickets for Sunday on the Lulu Bell. After a great dinner of grilled salmon and scallops we drove to the fish hatchery along the sound. There we saw thousands of salmon shoulder to shoulder (fin to fin?) Fighting the current to get up stream. Lots of people watching or fishing. Tomorrow is laundry day. And a hike up a valley. 

Cadillac’s Most Correct Viewpoint

Day one of Human People observation (HP-O) went well. I made the decision to focus only on the Nice Guide (and other candidate HPs) and discount the Driver, his decisions being impenetrable. Half the time he simply peers through a device while the rest of the HPs seem to enjoy things. There are a few others who exhibit that strange peering instinct but clearly they are outcasts from the normal HPs. My first observation is that most of the HP are destined only to eat or stroll around small spaces where they buy t-shirts. At least most of the structures are designed for that purpose. I am guessing that a shirt only lasts one or three days because of the great quantities they consume. Not sure how that helps advance Moose Rights yet. There are also tons of HPs in capsules that tend to cluster in packs. The Driver has the smallest of these so he must be the least capable. Of course, that is an easy observation. Well, off to a nice marsh I saw near the Capsule Cluster Cache and really get observing tomorrow. I’ll get BdB to scout out a good location with lots of T-shirts. This might be a great time to practice my captain skills as well as I see lots of boats in the water.