Alaska Journey Day 39 / by Dave Hileman

The Hot Gravel Buggy Nice Scenery Day

We are on slow today. Very. We did laundry in the AM and Laundry in the PM and Laundry at supper time. Which by the way was left over salmon and scallops with a nice green salad. In the afternoon we did a 4 mile or so hike up a valley on the Mineral Creek Trail. We pictured something along the river under trees. Not quite. It was a gravel road that had a wash out that we could not cross but ATV’s and 4wd could so they would pass us in a cloud of dust. Mostly we were by ourselves. It was hotter than expected, we had no shade, it was full of black flies and more. Oh, and we wore Alaska Sneakers to get across the water. Fashion setters for sure. The sides of the canyon were covered in green with streaks of water and scores of waterfalls pouring down both the western and eastern sides. Really neat but did I mention the bugs? Or the Heat? Or the dust?  The afternoon really got fun as we washed the truck, repacked the storage boxes, washed the trailer floor, changed the sheets, took out trash etc. And you thought we were not having fun. Tomorrow is a very special day on the water. 

Cadillac’s Most Correct Viewpoint

Day 2 of HP-O did not go too well. BdB never returned. The guides stayed mostly near the capsule except for a long dusty hike. They were 200 yards from a wonderful refreshing stream and chose to trudge up rocks and dirt. This effort to understand HP might be challenging for a lesser Moose but I will get them even though there is no rational reason to behave like they did today. For my Observational Records I will just list this under Driver Aberration. Hmmm, may need a better, easier to write title for him. Anyway they hung around the capsule nearly all day. The one saving grace we stopped at an excellent coffee place for iced lattes. Well nothing more to do on the HP-O front, guess I will go over to the marsh and munch a few lilies. Human People are exhausting.

DSCF4872 1.jpeg