Alaska Journey Day 32 / by Dave Hileman

The Up and Down Day

We were on the road before seven (not by much) on a mostly travel day. First stop was in Haines Junction for gas where they had coffee, good Seattle’s Best coffee. Excellent start to the day that went downhill. And up. The road from here to Tok, Alaska is not good. Lots of frost heaves some marked, some “oopsy we forgot!” The road went up and down mountains and passes and the surface of the road did the same. There was a lot of smoke and haze from forest fires north of us. We stopped at several viewpoints, the best a small pond in the massive Teslin Wildlife Preserve, the largest in Alaska, where millions of birds live in the summer. I spotted some swan but there was no safe place to stop so I never got the photo. We walked a lake shore and saw an American Widgeon mom and her babies, some gull, heard loon, a nice walk. We also trudged down a hill to see a trappers cabin from the early 1900s, a welcome spot to spend the night in harsh conditions. We finally arrived in Tok, bought gas and groceries and went a few miles further toward tomorrow’s destination to camp at the Eagle Trail State Rec Area. Tiring day.  Oh, and the water thing came loose, not broken, and I tightened it. Hero!

Cadillac’s Most Correct Viewpoint

Well, we are supposedly in Alaska - again. Not buying it. No siree-bog, not going down that road again. We will be in Puerto Rico or Guam or Orlando tomorrow. First it is 89 degrees. Canada-frozen lakes, killer polar bears, Alaska-ice bergs and snowshoes. So you think I can’t tell that I am HOT? Next you will be telling me that “baked Alaska” is a thing. So, not fooling me again. I sent BdB into the wilderness to find something in a package to eat. Who can live on salmonberries? No email to explain how I won’t be coming to the rallies. Tens of thousands of Moose, broken hearted. I’m so depressed.