Alaska Journey Day 43 / by Dave Hileman

The Civilized Day

Feeling better, not quite well, we set off from the campsite to complete the trip to Palmer. The ever-present smoke still filled the sky so all we could see were outlines of what must be incredible views of mountains, lakes and glaciers. We will exit Alaska by way of this route and I hope the fires are a memory by then. Meanwhile our trip to Denali next week will not result in a great (or any) view of the mountain unless we get a lot of rain. Some is forecast. We arrived in Palmer and found the VC to get oriented. Good choice as the people were very helpful. We are in a campsite tonight up a pass that we would not have tried without their direction. Beautiful and right beside a fast flowing glacial stream. Great to hear tonight. We also ate lunch at the Noisy Goose and got not only very good meals but excellent pie, first in days to even try. I was having an issue with iCloud that I could not fix so we went to a coffee shop with good wifi and Apple got it straightened out. Thankfully as it made getting a photo up to post a chore. We also shopped at Fred Meyer a grocery chain here that felt like home both selection and prices. We were happy. A second stop at a farm marked produced some local produce. This area is known for large vegetables - twenty hours of daylight helps! Good food, coffee, dessert, shopping. Different from the last three weeks for sure. More to come tomorrow so stay tuned on this your all Alaska, all the time channel. 

Cadillac’s Most Correct Viewpoint

I have done a careful analysis of the T-shirts. They seem to hold messages; some clearly coded, some to throw others off the path. There are also lots selling things. That must be how HPs make some of their money. I am not sure when you wear which kind or exactly what they mean. Still sorting out the possible ways they are used. The one thing I have concluded is you do not need to be tasteful or use reasonable grammar to be a part of the HP T-Shirt Ritual. So, while BdB failed in his major objective I was still able to use the issue to move forward. 


We also spent a lot of time in a town (I get sort of uneasy when half the people are wearing camouflage clothing - the unpleasant T-shirts are more palatable.) So I have broadened my HP-O population. The miniature HP are inscrutable, noisy and move too erratically for me to be near to them so I am focused on the larger ones. Besides the larger ones appear to support the miniature ones and choose their shirts. Lots of stuff to digest. Speaking of which we had some lovely pie today. I had pumpkin, maple/walnut and raspberry/peach. Pies not some measly slice of a pie. Hope we go back tomorrow so I can get BdB a slice. He was off somewhere again today. I may need to get a tracker for him.