Alaska Journey Day 8 / by Dave Hileman

The Prairie Dog Day

Up early-ish and on the Badlands Loop. We traveled west and the light was beautiful. Very clear and still morning. On the way, in addition to the scenery we saw, pronghorn, bison, mountain goats and scores of prairie dogs. Many with lots of babies. Very cute to watch and listen to them. The loop road ends south of Wall and so we went over some back roads and once again had nickel coffee at Wall Drug. And we shared another donut. Then we stopped at Minuteman National Historic site. I didn’t realize how hard it is to get a ticket to tour an underground silo. The next opening is in late July. So we just did the grounds of two launch sites, most is underground but there are a few things to few. Then back to the Badlands where we did a 3/4 mile hike but it was getting too hot. Not comfortable at all. We came back to the trailer for lunch - then a migraine so stayed here until dinner, which we fixed and then ate outside in delightful, bug-free weather. We went for a two mile hike in the evening. Striking land. 

Cadillac’s Most Correct Viewpoint

The Driver may not be lost but he is confused. Not exactly breaking news for anyone who actually knows him. We drove the same interstate, the same direction, on the exact same route as yesterday. Why. Well, except for excellent doughnuts. Which I tried a few different icing varieties for research purposes only, always a thorough investigator. My adherence to the best scientific practices is one of my most outstanding qualities. 

My plan tomorrow is to rig the GPS the Driver uses so that we are forced to go west. I am so clever. Remember Moose Rights. 

“I told you they didn’t bring enough water.”

“I told you they didn’t bring enough water.”