Alaska Journey Day 7 / by Dave Hileman

The Wall Day

We traveled from the Black Hills to Badlands National Park about 50 miles north and 60 miles east. I tried to get a tour at the Minuteman Missile National Monument but first available was mid-July! We stopped - mandatory I believe for all travelers - at Wall Drug and had $.05 coffee. I splurged and bought Cindy her own. And we shared a maple donut. We arrived at the park campground and secured a spot - no power but nice and then the rains started. So we simply went to the VC and then took about a five mile drive to scout out a sunrise photo spot. Getting up at 4:15 6:00 tomorrow. In the evening the rain stopped, we fixed dinner in the trailer early so we could get out on the road and shoot some photos at sunset. It was pretty. Nice soft pink colors against the pale rocks of the Badlands. 

Cadillac’s Most Correct Viewpoint

No one will believe me but we spent the day going EAST. I am … no, remember San Juan Hill and TR, I will prevail. Maybe the Driver was just lost, again. The odds are certainly good. Soon I think he will figure out if we are going away from the setting sun it is not correct. I did ferret out a dozen maple donuts, some solace. We saw some animal with a poor excuse for antlers.

Part of the “Wall” in the Badlands.

Part of the “Wall” in the Badlands.