Alaska Journey Day 2 / by Dave Hileman

We left Cabela’s after walking the parking lot for some exercise. It rained hard across Kentucky. It was difficult to keep from stopping at one of the many distilleries for a break. We left the interstate west of Louisville and headed toward Paoli and the Hoosier Forest. We were surprised at how wooded and hilly it was, way more than expected. It was a really beautiful drive to our friend’s home in Solsberry to spend some time with Tom and Angie. We toured their church, saw the Tulip Trestle and the YoHo store. Had a wonderful dinner with them - thanks again folks. We spent the night parked in their driveway and then Tom cooked us an excellent breakfast before we left for Iowa. So far this travel thing is pretty good.

The Tulip Trestle was built in 1906 and is still used today. It is one of the longest and highest trestles of its type in the US. Impressive structure. Would love to see an old steam train crossing it.

Cadillac’s Most Correct Viewpoint

If it were not for the great food this day would have been a disaster. One state. I will give them the benefit of the doubt only because they seem to know really good cooks. We can allow for an extra day for superior food. I spent a lot of time writing my last challenge for the Alaska Moose. I think the rallies will be huge. Now I need to write my speech. Day two with no ice cream, I’m getting shaky. 


Looking up. They used to let passengers out to walk on this. Eek!.

Looking up. They used to let passengers out to walk on this. Eek!.