Alaska Journey Day 4 / by Dave Hileman

The day began well, we slept in a bit until almost 7. Then after breakfast Jean, the grandma of the Hansen clan, gave us a personal tour of the operation. A lot of work and really neat how they divide the labor. The grandkids chip in too, and they are paid. Wonderful time and great people on this 155 year-old family farm now in the seventh generation of ownership. Then off to the Cedar Falls VC and walked a two mile trail past ponds, restored prairie and saw lots of blackbirds. Then armed with a couple of things we wanted to see we set off on historic Route 20 across Iowa. A detour to see barns with painted quilt patterns did not go well. Most of them were too far from the road or badly faded but we did see a few. One plan was to ride along a scenic river drive on the Iowa, could not find it so I stopped in a store and asked. She said go through a state park, up a hill to a stop sign and then turn left, go 1/4 mile and turn right on the gravel road. Then this discussion between her and another lady was how bad the shape of the highway would be given the flooding. We did not try it with the trailer. Nice country. After a gas stop we headed west again but the plans did not work out, either things were closed or flooded. We got into Sioux City and then crossed the Missouri River into SD and stayed in a winery in Vermillion. 


Cadillac’s Most Correct Viewpoint

I am sure we are lost, again. All day in the Iowa. At the last minute we ended up in the South again. Some place called Dakota. Must be somewhere near South Carolina. This is not the way to Alaska. If it were not for several flavors of fine ice cream I stashed I would have given up. 

Farm Camping is the place to be, farm living is the life for me…

Farm Camping is the place to be, farm living is the life for me…