Forty-Eight / by Dave Hileman

We celebrate our 48th year of marriage today. The years include two fine sons, two wonderful daughters-in-law, spectacular & amazing grandchildren and a lot of vital friends who all have contributed so much to our lives. We have lived in 8 homes in four states, driven 28 cars (not counting the 18 various cars I owned while dating her!), visited 48 states multiple times and plan for more. We found comfort and strength in faith for each day and for financial and health challenges, served together in three different churches and worked together often in the same room we would call the office. She is strong in every facet of the word, compassionate, diligent, beautiful and a wonderful companion every day. We embark this month on a trek for nearly five months living in 90 square feet and looking forward to each of those days.  How blessed am I.