Where Do You Buy Jelly? (2 Photos) / by Dave Hileman

This is a most unusual place to buy anything, jelly included. Located far down the Blue Hill peninsula in Maine, in the woods and off the road is Nervous Nellie Jellies. It is pretty good but a bit expensive. It is a local product and hand made but that is not the most unusual thing about the place. One of the owners is an artist with a very different type of art scattered throughout the woods surrounding NNJ’s tiny facility. Here is a church he built for “Nellieville” that I doubt is used as a church. It is one of multiple structures and “people” you will meet walking around. One very interesting fact on the church is that the wood - cut with a circular saw and air dried, was cut in 2013 from a mill that begin operating in 1794 when the ships were made of wood and belonged all this time to the same family. I will show a few more photos from the intriguing place.