Winter’s Edge / by Dave Hileman

I went for a walk last week at a city park I have not been to before. It is in a horseshoe bend of the Neuse River. I decided to leave the trail and try and find the river through the woods. About 300 yards from the trail and still a bit from the river I came across a nice, rather large pond that was not on the map of the park. There were a dozen mallards swimming about and a large hawk that I saw but missed with the camera. I spotted a Pileated Woodpecker and if you look closely at the broken trunk in the right tree cluster you will see some of his handiwork. I liked the look of the trees and the water and it felt very much like winter - no green no leaves, but it was a pretty warm day, almost 70, which is certainly nice for early February.

Winter Edge_DSF7146.jpeg