Alaska Journey Day 120 / by Dave Hileman

Crossing the Mississippi Day 

We went west and north a bit before we set out to cross the Mississippi to see a different part of the Ozark Riverways. The mill at Alley Springs was worth the short drive just to see the crystal clear water that flows from underground springs at the rate of 81 millions galleons a day. The red, three story mill set off like a jewel against the blue and turquoise waters was a bonus. Then with a short stop at New Madrid, where we viewed the river from a raised platform, we scooted all the way to Hohenwald where we set up outside the Oliver office for the night. Actually three nights as we have an appointment here on Monday. We are going to explore some of the Natchez Trace tomorrow. 

Cadillac’s Most Correct Viewpoint

We barely stopped. I can’t give a speech from a moving truck. No ice cream for more days. No lattes for miles and miles. No letters from Ms. McKinley. Going to bed didn’t really help. I guess we are going to land tonight so I will have time tomorrow to campaign in Tennessee. And I will absolutely need ice cream, lattes and, since I have been so deprived, a couple of donuts to sooth my hurt feelings. And a cookie. Or two.

Alley Mill built in 1894 at Alley Springs.

Alley Mill built in 1894 at Alley Springs.