Bird Week VI: Eye to Eye / by Dave Hileman

This is one of my favorite photos of this bird, the Yellow-Rump Warbler. I find this bird nearly everywhere I go in the US and see a small warbler - all of whom are difficult to identify, and by the time I get to ID it - another YR Warbler. Not that they are not neat but like Robins, you get tired of seeing the same type of bird over and over. And, unlike the Robin, this one always gets your hopes up that it is a more rare warbler and then, no, you are crushed. Until you see something else flit bye and off you go to discover what may well be another one. I had great hopes here in this Louisiana swamp that I might see a more exotic bird. Saw three or four dozen of these but at least I got a shot.

Jean Lafitte National Historical Park and Preserve - Barataria Preserve unit