Travel Diary 14 / by Dave Hileman

We were up and on the way to Saint Croix Island International Historic Site or Lieu historique international about 8 in a heavy fog with intermittent rain. It is a 90 mile trip one way to see an island you cannot get to from a tiny riverside park and the visitor center is not open on Wednesdays. Somedays I wonder about this quest to visit and photograph all of the parks. It makes for a full day. But Route One is interesting, lots of run down and seemingly abandoned buildings makes some of it sad. There are small towns and villages but none that look too prosperous. We did pass “Wreaths Across America” where they make the wreaths that are placed on veterans' graves at Christmas. Going to see them at Arlington was very moving. You will also see miles of wild blueberry fields. They were harvested in mid-August and then burned back in early September so not picturesque today. After a nice chat with the ranger at Saint Croix, who came out to visit even though they were closed, and a short walk down to see the island, we headed to Campobello Island and Roosevelt’s summer home for many years. Of course you pass through the customs area both going to and coming from Canada. It was a simple process with our passports and general benign appearances:) The house is pretty much as they left it - full of Roosevelt furnishings with the exception of three missing pieces from the inventory done in 1939. After Roosevelt contracted polio he was only here three times but Mrs. Roosevelt came every year even after the house was sold until the year she died.

Back to the campground, dinner in the trailer and getting ready for hiking tomorrow. 

Cadillac’s Correct Viewpoint!

Well, I went. It delayed things on this end but was well worth it because I was able to see my French Canadian Cousin (actually 4th cousin, 3 antlers removed) but we were great friends growing up. He had difficulty getting a passport but the guides snuck into Canada at Lubec to visit another moldy house, of course. That allowed me to meet up with cousin Coupe de Ville. We had a great time. He is quite the sophisticated moose now and cooks for a living in Nova Scotia. We traded recipes but he also warned me that I would be disappointed in the picnic suggesting that perhaps my cousins in Maine were not too, well, up-to-date was how he put it. I already know they don’t have internet - how do you live without internet, but I am sure they have developed well past the stomping in the marsh stage or licking salt from the edge of the highway. Egad, how primitive. I could not get a photo of Coupe because of some visa issue, oh well, he promised to send me on via email. A great visit but we got home pretty late, and it is going to be a busy day tomorrow. 

Have you ever seen more perfect weather!!!

Have you ever seen more perfect weather!!!

By the way, this house was Franklin Roosevelt’s summer home, not so moldy because HIS cousin worked with my great-great-great-great grandfather on the Bull Moose party when Teddy ran for president. No finer political party existed before or since with such a fabulous name I am amazed they did not win every year. 

Still no word on my royalty checks.