Travel Diary 13 / by Dave Hileman

Day Thirteen

The KOA at Orland was really nice and a perfect place for a good night with full services before coming to the NP Campground. We took our time the last 50 miles to Acadia with a stop at the Wal-Mart for supplies. Seems to be a requirement. After a stop at the visitor’s center we arrived at Blackwoods Campground and got set up. We walked to the ocean from the campsite, about 250 yards to the shore and then found a trail for about two miles that led along the rocks and back to the campground. Dinner was a wonderful meal at a favorite restaurant, West Side Cafe. They remodeled the place since we were here last and it looks as nice as the food is excellent. Ice cream at Jordan Pond on Main St.

Cadillac’s Correct Viewpoint!

We are not just in Maine but my home territory, Mt. Desert Island, home of Acadia National Park. What a thrill. I thought we might get here earlier but it was a bit late so I was not able to catch up with any of my friends or cousins but I did get the planning for the dinner done. It will be splendiferous. We start with a petite lobster roll, toasted, with clarified butter not that nasty mayonnaise and touched with a bit of horseradish. For salad we are having wild arugula with a clam and mussel vinaigrette followed by some strong black licorice to cleanse the palette. For the main Maine course I plan to serve seafood boil with whatever fresh seafood the shop has that day, potatoes, carrots, asparagus and ducktail reeds but what makes it special is that I have a cask of 1967 Pond Water from a quaint little spot in Northern Maine. Folks will be impressed. And dessert will be Baked Maine, it is a variation - a much better dessert that the original Baked Alaska, because we use blueberry ice cream. What a feast. 

I just learned that the guides are headed to Canada tomorrow, I am torn. I would love to see some of my cousins there but so many things to prepare and moose to see. I will decide in the morning. 

No word yet on my residuals for the use of my stately visage on the myriad of products. I think I may require a veto going forward. I look good on quality stuff but some things for sale are just tacky. It is good to be in Maine.