Travel Diary 10 / by Dave Hileman

Wrong! We were the very first people on Georges Island. In fact we were there before many of the rangers. The island is basically covered with a civil war era fort that held confederate prisoners including political ones like the vice-president of the Confederacy. It was a base through WWII. Took a tour but I had a migraine partially into the tour and had to leave. One of the rangers set me up in the first aid room. After a bit of recovery we headed to Boston. Went to the Boston African American NHS. We toured a school than operated from 1835 to 1855 until Massachusetts outlawed segregation. We also went into an African American Meeting house that was used from 1806 to 1897 then sold to become a synagogue and used until 1972. It was restored in 2013. Quite simple and very elegant. We ate at Fiores - an institution on Hanover Street in the Italian North End of Boston. Wonderful meal. Followed by dessert up the street at Caffe Vittoria. CJH had a cappuccino that made me jealous I just ordered a coffee. I may have to go back. Took the catamaran back to Hingham in 40 minutes. That is the way to go.

Cadillac’s Correct Viewpoint!

Of course we did not go anywhere today, again - getting used to the idea, I guess. But we did go on a boat. That was excellent. I think seafaring is in my blood, in fact it is likely one of my outstanding qualities. I should, of course, be captain, not a serf, or whatever everyone else is called. I need to get a book on the lingo so I can take over this vessel. I like the fact I get a great, hooting horn that tells everyone else to back off. Sort of like antlers for the sea. Sailing is fun. Still want to get on to Maine, but the siren call of the sea is enticing. Wonder what the captain can order for lunch? I guess anything or else he makes the cook “walk the plank.” Not sure exactly what that means but it sounds ominous like it ought to go with a ruined omelette. I really need the book on sea talk.