Travel Diary 12 / by Dave Hileman

We set off for the Saugus Iron Works well before dawn because we knew about the Boston area traffic and we were in the extreme southeast going to the extreme north east and the direct route through town was off limits for us - tunnels and more tunnels. So around I-95 we motored. We arrived after a 51 mile, hour and 47 minute trek. But once in the parking lot, we had breakfast and I started on this post. Plus coffee. Then things went downhill. I talked to a NPS employee at 7:30 about permission to park here until the park opened, fine he said. Restrooms were available. We went in at 9AM, opening time on the sign, nothing is open but two rangers are working outside. What time does the house open? “10 now, she said, but sometimes someone comes earlier.” Turns out there is a 10 AM sign inside not visible from the parking lot but there is one there. Back to the trailer to wait. 10 AM we return, not open. New ranger by the gate said hello to us going in, so back to her, what time is the house open? “We are closed on Monday.” I am not happy. She does tell me that they posted it on FB. Facebook! The web site says they are open in 4 separate places - everyday including specifically the VC and house. Under alerts it says “no ranger tours on 9/17” that’s it. There were four rangers at a tiny park but they could not be open on Monday. Disgusted. I shot outside photos that did include the blast furnace and that will be the extent of the Saugus Iron Works report.

So off we head to Maine. A stop along the way to see the 1700 pound chocolate moose at Len Libby Candies. Really. And I stopped? Chocolates were very good, at least the dark chocolate covered graham cracker that served as our brunch today. Then Freeport and a couple of hours at LL Bean and company and one bad coffee later we hit the road to a KOA in a tiny town called Orland, Maine to spend the night. Nice dinner in house, Acadia tomorrow, if it is open!

Cadillac’s Correct Viewpoint!

Nirvana, we are here, MAINE at last. My cool demeanor, my unfailing patience with the weeks of travel distractions and my general kindness have all contributed to allowing us to finally arrive at Maine. Ah, the joy. We are not too far along but we are in Maine. Also we stopped to see a magnificent statue of a Moose. Simply stunning. I imagine the artist won a Nobel Prize or at least an Espy for the amazing work. It ought to soon replace that guy’s statue, old whats his name who did David? What a great start to the day. Did I mention we are in Maine? Anyway we passed the exit for the area where my great uncle lived before he went “Hollywood.” People still talk about him like he was the greatest thing. Bullwinkle did this Bullwinkle did that - 75 years ago, give it a rest. 

Anyhow we are headed to Acadia and I am both exhilarated and a bit anxious. I decided to hold a big picnic at the park so I can see everyone at once instead of trekking over miles of forest. Plus I can see which ex I will go out with again, I am sure they are anxious as well. The picnic is an issue right now because I just can’t quite choose what I want on the menu, culinary arts being one of my most outstanding qualities it is hard to narrow the feast to manageable scale. More on that tomorrow. 

The other issue is, properly, the Moose image is everywhere on everything and I cannot figure out where my royalty checks are. I will have to look into that tomorrow as well. But tonight I shall just bask in the Maineness that surrounds me.