Travel Diary 11 / by Dave Hileman

Slow day today and that was good after two long days with thousands of steps. We went to an early traditional service for church today at the North Street Community Church. There were nine of us counting staff. It was well done and the later service has more people and lots of kids according to one of the men we chatted with after service. Plus we had communion and the building was constructed in 1806.

Extra plus, the father of the minister is/was a church planter who started over 30 churches with mostly bi-vocational leadership and created a company to employ some of the planters. Neat guy. We were headed to breakfast with him but the place he took us was so busy he could not stay, but we talked for 30/40 minutes before our table was ready and he headed out for the second service. 

And we highly recommend Stars in Hingham, more in Eats!

We went to the original Talbots store and one of us was excited, but CJH went anyway. We also went to the headquarters of Talbots and sadly found out they did tours but not at 5:20 on Sunday night. Worked at a cafe for over an hour, did trailer preparation as we are leaving at 5 AM to try and get ahead of some of the traffic. Not much chance we will miss much. Early in tonight after a three mile hike at World’s End. It is an affiliate part of the Boston Harbor Islands.

Cadillac’s Correct Viewpoint!

We went to church today and I know they were thrilled to have a distinguished Moose such as myself in the assembly. In part because there were so few and my melodious bass certainly made the service. Singing is one of my outstanding qualities. We then had a superior breakfast simply because a grateful parishioner directed us, not the hopeless guides I am stuck with on this trip. However, the “game is afoot” (S. Holmes). I actually heard a guide talk about how to get around Boston - that is north AND one of them also mentioned Freeport. That is MAINE. Perhaps we are finally going but I am not texting my cousins, their disappointment would be overwhelming if we changed plans yet again. And they don’t have phones. Don’t they know this is 2018? Good thing I am coming to help move them ahead. Gracious what if they still eat grass? The horror. 

More Moose habitat as we near Maine

More Moose habitat as we near Maine