Travel Diary 8 / by Dave Hileman

Day Eight

A mixed day. We left the ocean front intending to see both New Bedford Historical Site and then Cape Cod National Seashore. Was not to be. First we had an issue with the trailer that we needed someone to look at and make an adjustment and the someone was located in Brockton -not in either location. But we dropped the trailer and headed back to New Bedford. Next, the forecast was for partial sunshine and about 75 degrees. The actual was 63 and rain. I was dressed well for the former. We did see the few open buildings at New Bedford but skipped the Whaling Museum, we had been there two or three times in the past. Enjoyed the Bethel, a seaman’s chapel and a walk in the rain on the busy wharf where they unload scallops and fish. Lots of boats. Talked to Steve who was prepping skate for lobster bait and a mechanic who worked on the heavy fishing machinery located on each vessel. We picked up the repaired trailer and went to a state park near Hingham. Very nice park. Ate and then went to a shop for internet to catch up a bit. Tomorrow, Cape Cod - and better weather we hope. 

Cadillac’s Correct Viewpoint!

East, who can believe these folks. We were close enough to taste the maple syrup wafting on the breeze from Vermont and ended up along the ocean in southeast Massachusetts. Who goes east to get to Maine when you are already a mere amble to Vermont. I despair of ever seeing my cousins - not to mention ex-girlfriends. And to top off the misadventures today we spent half the time talking about whales. Worthless sea creatures who have no antlers, no hooves, an actual hole in the head and can’t play the harmonica. Well we can’t get more east, and south is the water, so North tomorrow, I think even these guides can figure that one out. 

Steve getting the bait ready.

Steve getting the bait ready.