Travel Diary Four / by Dave Hileman

We attended church today at Collective in Frederick for their first anniversary service. The service included stories of people who now are part of Collective, and the excitement of the 300 people there was really fun to be a part of on Sunday morning. Great experience. 

We then made excellent time traveling toward Scranton so we stopped at Steamtown, a NP museum in a roundhouse devoted to the era of steam train travel. It was full of huge locomotives and descriptions of how they work. We especially liked the car dedicated to the U S mail service. A quick stop with our trailer in tow at an overlook along a winding road to see a portion of the Upper Delaware Scenic River proved to be more exciting than we expected as we hit upon the local hangout for hot import cars and motorcycles. They were running fast, as in VERY, up and down the very narrow highway along the cliff overlooks. Taking a photo was a bit dicey. But we did. We then ended up Sunday night at the KOA near New Paltz, NY we had planned to stay in on Monday and Tuesday. Dinner was scrambled eggs and at 8:15 tasted wonderful.

Cadillac’s Correct Viewpoint!

Even I will admit to a very good time at the church service this morning, primarily because they had divine (ahem) cupcakes after the service, in three delicious varieties. They were homemade by Tabi and her crew. I, of course, tried all of them because making choices is not something I like. And it was nearly the first decent food I have had this entire trip. The service was also good but would have been even better with a large horn section! Also, we finally started moving north again. We had an unnecessary stop at some dead train station but finally I can feel a change in the air as we entered NY. Much closer to family.