Travel Diary - One / by Dave Hileman

Day One

(Reminder, we are working with a couple of days delay to try and be consistent with posting because we do not always have internet access.)

Left Raleigh two days early to get ahead of Florence - and while it made preparations hectic I think it was a good decision. It was driven in part by our intention to be at the first anniversary of Collective, a church our organization planted in Frederick, Maryland. Trip up I-85 and I-95 was unusually easy, not much traffic and no delays the entire trip. Shocking! We had no specific destination in mind other than north but the lack of traffic kept us going until we arrived a few miles from Frederick at Little Bennett Regional Park just of I-270. CJH located this place using Campendium a great app for finding camp sites. The site is a bit pricey but very nice. You can read about it in “Camping” section. We were surprised to be just a few miles from where our wedding reception was held. Still going!

For several years, we have traveled with a small stuffed moose that our youngest granddaughter purchased in Maine. It is a bit of a game now that she is older but we all participate. Leaving early prompted Cindy to send a note telling EB to pack Cadillac’s suitcase but she was not home so her parents and sister found a different moose and brought it to our house. EB’s Dad showed up a couple hours later with Cadillac and his suitcase full of snacks and camera with the news that Dancer, the substitute moose, was not a good traveler and Cadillac was really counting on seeing his relatives in Maine.

Another Viewpoint!

I am NOT a “small stuffed” moose. Perhaps a bit petite for my species but quite in the range of moosedom. And there is no way I can be stuffed on this trip. EB did not send my spending money so I have to rely on “frugal Dave” one of my guides on this trip so no chance to ever be stuffed. My palate has been finely tuned and I am not munching grasses in the marsh when there are fine steaks and organic carrots. So far this trip is a disappointment. Can you believe we had to drive 50 miles out of our way to see if, IF, the inn where my guides had their wedding reception was still there. Remarkably it was (rebuilt eight times I guess.) We are barely into Maryland and I expected to already be nearer Maine and I have not had WIFI at all. I think I will eat a few of my suitcase snacks.