Welcome to Journeys / by Dave Hileman

Much looks just the same today as it did last week but Two Lane Touring is making a change that is more significant that it first appears. "Journeys" will occupy the space that has been "No Itinerary" for the last three years and for two years before on the old site. This was an eclectic place for photographs that did not fit under the National Park Service portion of the TLT and, sometimes, it still will. However, there are lots of planned differences too. 

We will be writing longer pieces one or two or even three times a week on topics related to our travel: selecting routes, planning, gathering information, and preparation among many others. Related to how we travel is the camping aspect. That too will be a focus of Journeys. Again lots of preparation for travel when you are living with what you tow. We will talk about food, campsites, set up, issues finding a parking space when you are 36 feet long, what needs repaired or replaced, and how you camp free off the grid are a few of the subjects we will cover. We will review “Stuff That Actually Works” to make the trip easier or more productive from simple to critical like what flashlight can you depend on, what will keep your coffee hot, what generator works and how do you find WIFI while traveling. 

We will share why we use travel and camping check lists (five or six of those) that help us arrive with what we need, usually:) We will talk about planning verses flexibility, reservations verses looking for a place as it gets dark and what is “restaurant instinct.”

The most challenging change is one that will occur this September. We are going to do a daily travel diary while we travel along with the photos, or as much of one as we can. Our three week trip to New England this fall is a trial for us for the four month Alaska trip next summer. Plus several short jaunts in between.

On the fall trip we will travel across eleven states, visit and photograph around 20 National Park sites including 14 for the first time. Which leads to the last component, photography. This is after all a photography site first and I intend to share more of how and why and what - than I have done in the past. I am still very much a learner and I find having to explain post effort helps enormously for the next photo. So, you won’t confuse this for a teaching site but I hope to unfold a bit behind the photo. And talk about some of the gear I use.

So, thanks to those of you who often visit Two Lane Touring. Your participation adds to our joy. Please leave comments, drop us a note or ask questions, we appreciate each of you.