Aerie (4 photos) / by Dave Hileman

Aerie is a high nest for a bird on a cliff or an elevated dwelling. It fits my work space. There is a loft in our townhouse that is essentially a third floor, a small third floor, and it is here that I have my office and process photos as well. It has great natural light and a nice open feel. I have my books, a reading lamp and chair, some storage, desk and computer etc all stashed up here. In the summer afternoons it is hot, don't like to work much past three or so - move to the laptop downstairs. In the winter it is a perfect and cozy space.

What I first shot was the photo of the table in front of the desk. I use it for the keyboard but I bought it for the Wacom Tablet. The tablet was a gift from Dennis Mook of The Wandering Lensman ( He replaced this one and passed it on to me. It is really nice and I am working through the learning curve but what a help. That is typical of Dennis, always sharing his vast knowledge of photography and anxious to help a fellow photographer improve. The times we have shot together have been so instructive. So, again, thanks Dennis.